Archibio 2015-2017

A collaboration between architects, artists and scientists exploring architectural and biological structures from the macro to the nano scale.

The project devised two aims:

Designing human scale structures using basic principles found in life.

Redesigning life using basic principles in architecture.

Our activities compared architectural and biological methods and structures.

At our first workshop we found that architects and nano biologists often use the same or similar terms, and we compiled an archibio lexicon with definitions of the same word from both fields.

At the second workshop we came up with the idea of model making as a way of thinking together as a group.

ASMbly 2017 Exhibition

As part of the ASMbly 2017 Exhibition the group exhibited diagrams of a bacteria in the style of an architectural blueprint. Designing, making and exhibiting blueprints was a lens to compare architectural and biological methods and structures, and explore how the process of comparison generates new insights for the participants in their professional disciplines. The blueprints were hand made using the cyanotype process.

Group members, listed by surname alphabetically, were: