New opportunities for young people to take part in arts activities.

This was a two year project put together by Vicky Thompson, a fantastic arts officer at Fenland District Council at the time.

G8WAY happened in the rural part of Cambridgeshire where there are higher than average levels of disadvantage. It combined, amazingly, dance and mobile technology. I think this was because Vicky used to be a dancer, and had read about the Guardian's text message competition and decided to put the two together.

Anyway she was a great person to work for, and she let us just get on with it.

There was a fairly conventional dance strand and then me and Lisa Roberts came up with other stuff, including building a mobile version of the Dance Dance Revolution console game, which was taken to summer fetes and things like that, a text message creative writing project with the same structure as City Poems, a text message news list to update young people about arts events, and a picture messaging project called Postcards from Fenland.