Pocket Culture

  • 2007
  • 2008

"Pocket Culture lets arts organisations be part of the conversation."

What we were offering to arts and cultural organisations still sounds contemporary, almost a decade later.

"Pocket Culture uses mobile technology to help discover new ways to engage with audiences. Working mainly in the culture, education and health sectors we design and manage initiatives which reflect the unique identity and artistic vision of each organisation.

Art and culture make us want to talk. We put down a book, leave a gallery or theatre and want to tell someone how it made us feel, to debate the questions raised and share the experience. Mobile phones allow us to have these conversations with our friends, family and colleagues whenever we want to and wherever we are.

Pocket Culture lets arts organisations be part of these conversations."

This never really took off, partly because it came towards the end of Blink's active life, partly because it was it was an attempt to commercialise what we knew, and Blink was never really set up to do that.