Improving and sustaining mental wellbeing through keeping in touch.

Copleston Together is a Maintaining Health Partners network of local people in Southwark, South London, including those who have experienced mental distress, who meet up to cook and eat together, support each other, share information and keep well.

Julia Honess of Maintaining Health Partners works with Copleston Together to build the network. She is certain that Thumbprint has made it possible to develop a network and to keep it going. Links through Thumbprint "contain the information that people need and they create and maintain a connection. People can choose the relationship they have with the network and its activities".

John, one of the members of the group, agrees. The connections "make you feel as though somebody or something out there knows you are alive." he says.

“They make you smile if you are a bit down.”

Maintaining Health Partners develops innovative projects and partnerships throughout Southwark, and she is certain that Thumbprint will work for people engaged in any shared regular activity. Karen, another member of the group, explains why: “The messages make the difference to whether I come or not.”