Thumbprint Growing Newsome

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Keeping people in one council ward up to date with things going on there.

More than four hundred events and activities have been shared over six years, including community allotment sessions, children's parties, local campaigns, financial advice sessions and many more.

Information about the community allotment sessions led to an unexpected outcome:

"Something great happened recently. There's a chap who lives [on a local housing estate ] who's a timebanking member and Rachel has been trying to encourage him to come to the allotment since we started. He used to have a plot there before the site fell into disuse, and he was driven off by vandalism and has bad memories of that time. He also suffers from depression. So it's a big deal for him to be there again. But he's started coming along recently after Rachel found out that he has a mobile and asked if we could put him on the allotment text list. I think it's taken the pressure off him - because everybody gets the information and can choose to turn up or not. In the past, either me or Rachel would phone to ask him and he'd feel bad if he couldn't make it, and the whole thing became like an obligation that he couldn't handle. But now he keeps turning up and digging (and drinking lots of tea and chatting to the other people on the site). It's a big achievement for a little message."

The success of Thumbprint Growing Newsome shows some of the guaranteed positive results of using Thumbprint.

The way Growing Newsome uses Thumbprint follows the same pattern as Thumbprint in South London, Bradley and Birkby.