Sharing health and wellbeing tips with a group of community health champions.

The principle behind community health champions is that they would distribute good examples of staying fit and healthy through their networks of contacts.

Thumbprint was used to support this group and share "bite sized" and timely information that they could then pass on.

In a follow-up conversation, Paul, a man in his forties, said

"I do suffer from depression, and some of the messages I just thought “ooh yeah”. Some of them absolutely hit me...For me they were spot on...There were some really good messages...When my mood was low a little bit, it raised that up.”

Paul suggested how good Thumbprint would be for isolated people. He felt it would be perfect for promoting health and well being, "for people with low self esteem, with confidence issues, depression."

There was the same pattern of positive outcomes came from this initiative as from others including bibliotherapy through Thumbprint, Hoot, an arts and mental health charity, Lifeline, a drug and alcohol treatment agency, and Copleston Together, a community mental health and wellbeing network in South London.

The community health champions initiative happened at almost the same time as the Thumbprint young parents activity hosted by a children's centre, and the experience gained from both also contributed to the success of the Care for Carers try-out with people caring for people suffering from dementia.