Thumbprint Hoot

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Improving and sustaining mental wellbeing through keeping in touch.

Hoot specialises in supporting people to engage in the arts who might not typically think of themselves as creative. They work with people with mental health needs, older people and in a range of community settings where high levels of disadvantage or disability mean health and wellbeing is vulnerable.

Hoot ran two try-outs using Thumbprint. In a follow up conversation, people who had taken part shared responses that matched the pattern from bibliotherapy through Thumbprint and Lifeline, a drug and alcohol treatment agency.

These responses are examples of some of the guaranteed positive results of using Thumbprint:

“Sometimes it's nice at the weekend because everything else is closed.”
“Sometimes they come at just the right time. If you are having a bad day you get that little reminder that you are not alone in the world.”
“I go through them if I'm feeling a bit down. I go back to them."
"When they came I read them straight away then wherever I am I tell somebody.”

Assessing her overall experience of receiving texts, one participant said:

“In a way it's perfect. It doesn't matter how ill I feel I can still be part of it or enjoy it. It's amazing, time wise, cost wise [it is free to for paticipants], energy wise.”