A service sharing useful information for older people.

The NHS in North Devon set up the relationship with some older people's groups and the initiative was evaluated by the Young Foundation.

It took place in parts of North Devon where there are higher than average levels of disadvantage and older people there are at risk of becoming isolated.

Using Thumbprint was generally welcomed by older people, and a follow-up chat produced some useful insights, recorded in a report by the Young Foundation.

The Young Foundation recommended that other organisations should be involved in the service, including

  • "NHS:
    • acute sector – specifically A&E, falls prevention services, care of elderly, physiotherapy and musculoskeletal medicine, mental health
    • community services - mental health, counselling services, care of elderly, district nursing services
    • family practice – GP health centres,
  • Social Services
  • Benefits advisory services
  • Voluntary organisations involved with care and support of older people:
    • Age UK
    • Carers UK
    • Independent Age
  • Health/disease specific organisations
    • Diabetes UK
    • Dementia UK
    • Alzheimers society
    • The Weather Bureau (of relevance to people with Chronic Airways Disease, snow warnings etc)"

Knowledge from this initiative fed into Care for Carers.