I've written all sorts of things.

Including a 90 minute radio play called The Distance Between Stars, broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

A book of poetry published by one of the UK's best respected independent poetry publishers. I was interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme about the book and it was discussed in The Observer newspaper.

Some recent pieces about regional democracy on the University of Manchester policy blog and in The Big Issue in the North, and co-written a piece about regional democracy on Oxford University policy blog.

A short essay about small press publishing and makerspace culture for the Critical Kits book .

I wrote the introduction to The Guardian's 2001 Text Message poetry competition that I devised with Vic Keegan, technology editor of The Guardian at the time.

That piece appeared in the newspaper as well as on the website, and I've written a piece about socially valuable uses of messaging for The Guardian Society website.

I've been author or co-author of conference papers, posters and extended abstracts in computer science, but "co-author" of those sometimes means I was the main initiator and motivator of the work on which they were based, rather than I did much writing!

I've written numerous press releases for initiatives and organisations that I've been involved with.