A text message microblogging service launched at Manchester Literature Festival.

Anywhereblogs was a text message microblogging service launched during Manchester Literature Festival in October 2006.

Two other microblogging services launched that year, one called Jaiku, the other Twittr (that's not a typo, it was Twittr in 2006, in the style of Flickr).

For Manchester Literature Festival, Anywhereblogs was used in two ways. The first was a creative writing project with schools in Manchester and India, .

The second was posters at venues around the city that asked questions which people could reply to by text, or read other people's answers by text. So for example, a poster at the Manchester Museum asked "What Will Be In The Museum In 20 Years Time?"

The posters and questions structure was quickly developed into "Where Were You Happiest to Arrive?" at bus stops across Manchester, and what happened with that is well worth having a quick look at.

Anywhereblogs text message microblogging was a development of the "Anywhereblogs WAP service" which was itself based on "City Poems"

It developed into "Thumbprint" which people have used in all sorts of great ways to support the socially valuable things they are doing.