Sharing opportunities with local people.

Creation Trust is "a charity dedicated to residents on the Aylesbury estate in South London and ensuring they receive the benefits of the regeneration of the area."

Creation Trust use Thumbprint to share opportunities with people living on the estate, including urgent job opportunities, training courses, advice and celebrations.

The results are immediate and effective.

“Within seconds of sending out a message the phones start ringing. It is a good way to infill workshops at the last minute and also a way to inform our clients of opportunities that need to be urgently filled."

They have shared more than 400 opportunities, and have around 800 connections through Thumbprint.

Because people forward information to friends and family this means that Creation Trust can probably get in touch straight away with almost everyone who lives in the area.

This is an incredible resource, and creates the guaranteed positive results of using Thumbprint.

This is one of my favourite uses of Thumbprint, and great credit to Creation Trust for their vision and commitment to connecting with people in the way that's right for the people they work with.