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A network and space for collaboration between artists, scientists and makers in West Yorkshire.

Active since spring 2013 Superposition are a self-organising network of artists, scientists, and makers and one of the most productive and connected such groups in the North of England.

Superposition has curated 10 public talks events in which an artist, a scientist and a maker present their work. The events have included artists, musicians, visual artists, creative technologists, scientists from physics, biology, maths, computer science and chemistry, and makers ranging from the digital - both software development and hardware hacking - to textile design and crafting.

ASMbly is Superposition's incubator for new collaborations and new work.

In Autumn 2016 we conducted the first Superposition Art, Science, Maker Commission, a £2000 commission for an artist, craftsperson or cross-disciplinary group to create a new work in response to Paul Beales' and Barbara Ciani's research on compartmentalisation in biology.

I am one of the people who initiated Superposition, and one of the main ongoing organisers as well as being part of two collaborations within the network, Textile Proteins and Archibio and the initiator of the bioLeeds group.